Vincent Adultman Quotes

Business-wise, this all seems like appropriate business!

Princess Carolyn: This is crazy! What are we doing?

Ummmm, being grown-ups…?

Princess Carolyn: Vincent, why are you wearing my towel? And what happened to my bowling ball?!

My dad spilled some wine on his face, so he’s using the towel to clean up. And I threw your bowling ball out the window! Can I have a glass of milk?

I thought if you knew I had a kid you wouldn’t want to be with me, because kids always make a racket when mommies are trying to do their homework for night school!

I’m not a cowboy, I’m a cow MAN! I’m a MAN MAN!

Kevin is in the bathroom and I’m standing right here, so as you can see, we’re clearly two different people. One adult and one child. Okay bye!

I promise you, there is an explanation for all this.

This is boring! I wanna go home.

Let’s go feel the grass between our toes.

I had a atitude problem but then I took a timeout and I thought about what I did.

Can I have another soda?

Princess Carolyn: There’s more to being an adult than just work, and business, and the tall person rides at disneyland. I want to have fun. There has to be a difference between monogamy and monotony.

What’s Mahomanungny?

I have to call the guy at the office to take the car to the place

I went to stock market today. I did a business.

Hello other grownup

Bojack Horseman: Life is a series of closing doors isn’t it?

Don’t be sad. Good Horsy.

Bojack Horseman: What have you got figured out that I don’t?

Uuhm… Adult stuff?

Mmm… I like business… uhhh… transactions?

Would you like a alcohol?

Princess Carolyn:  What’s your name, stud?

Vincent! uuuuh… Adult… Man. Vincent Adult Man!